Immigration to Canada. What you need to know

Canada flagDo you wish to immigrate to Canada? We can help. Although, the immigration process can be complicated, Niren and Associates has been successfully doing so since 1997.

Immigration to Canada. We can help

Coming to Canada as an immigrant is an exciting opportunity to a better life.  However, knowing the proper steps to take can be the difference between achieving your goals and not. Our team of  experienced immigration lawyers possess the knowledge to effectively present each application to best represent you and increase your chances for approval.

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I want to thank you for all your advice in receiving a Temporary Resident’s Permit for my allowance into Canada. The whole thing came together surprisingly easy and much quicker than attempting to get it done without any help. The whole process was handled very professionally and in a short period of time. Thanks Again Niren & Associates!! Christine P.

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Canadian Immigration is broken down into two main categories:

  1. Temporary Residence
  2. Permanent Residence

Note: There are several considerations you should bare in mind before applying  for permanent resident. In most cases, you must apply at a Canadian Visa office outside of Canada. In specialized instances (such as cases involving; live-in caregivers or people granted refugee protection ), you may apply to become a permanent resident after you arrive in Canada.

Important steps and requirements when applying in each category:

Permanent Residence in Canada

Temporary Residence in Canada

  • Visitor Visa – Visitors wishing to come to Canada for a temporary purpose to do things like vacation, study, or work
  • Work Permit – Do you plan to work in Canada? Do you have a Job Offer in Canada?
  • Study Permit – If you intend to study in Canada and you are a foreign national, you will likely need a Study Permit

We have Successfully helped Thousands of Applicants and we can help you

The Immigration process can be channelling and without the proper legal help, you risk being refused.  Our mission is to  deliver results for your immigration cases.

Our Immigration and Visa applications are prepared to maximize positive results for permanent and temporary visas to Canada.

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Thank you so much for all your work. My mom got her Canadian visa for 6 months and she also got her U.S visa too. Her application for Canadian visitor visa was refused three timed before and I don’t know what to do until we retained your office. I thank you for your fast service and detailed instruction.  Mahanaz